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Conductive Materials for Li Ion Battery MWCNT Slurry SWCNT Slurry

MWCNT Slurry

ANP has developed high quality MWCNT dispersion slurry for Li ion battery applications.

Properties of ANP’s CNT Slurry

  • Excellent Conductivity and High Solids contents
    - With our unique dispersion and powder treatment technologies we produce high conductivity CNT slurries for battery applications.
    - Our CNTs excellent electrical conductivity permits great reductions in the amount of conductive additives, thus more active materials can be loaded in the battery to produce high capacity.

  • Low viscosity / Long Shelf life
    Low viscosity and long storage stability of the slurry is required for process automation. Our slurry has a storage stability of at least 6 months.
    - We produce CNT dispersions with wide range of viscosities (10,000 cps, 5000 cps and as low as 0.04cps).
    - We have the capability to modify and customize our dispersions to fit our customers specifications.
  • Applications
    * Anode: CW- Series
    * Cathode: CN- Series
For detail technical data please contact (email:, Ph: +82-44-417-6967, Fax: +82-44-275-6960)

MWCNTcarbon Slurry

Many battery makers use a mixture CNT and Carbon black (CB) for its advantages properties.

  • We are developing and supplying customized Hybrid-Type (CNT and CB) conducting materials.
    Carbon Black suppliers: Cabot/Denca/Lion Specialty chemical /Imeris etc
  • Hybrid material code: CNH- Series
For detail technical data please contact (email:, Ph: +82-44-417-6967, Fax: +82-44-275-6960)