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UV Blocker Zinc Oxide Powder/Slurry

ZnO Powder & Emulsion(Slurry)

  ZnO Powder & Emulsion(Slurry)

  • ANP has developed a high purity of znic oxide powder with ANP’s own unique technology. Also it’s uniformity is reflected on a highly transparent ZnO emulsion for the application of electronic materials and cosmetic industry

Product Specification

  • Particle Distribution : 20~30nm
  • High Purity : >99.9%
  • High Transparency
  • UV Blocking
  • High Stability
  • Variable Application with Diverse Coating Material.
3. Cryo SEM image

4. Competitor

5. ZnO Emulsion SPF & SPA

  Competitor ANP
SPF 21.54 23.1
SPA 19.45 21.33

1. XRD

2. TEM Image

Product Specification

  • LCD
  • Optical Films
  • Cosmetic Material