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Silver Nano / Submicron Paste Nano-Silver Ink for Inkjet Printing

Nano-Silver Ink for Inkjet Printing

Silver Jet Ink


  • Silver ink products for ink jetting such as Silverjet DGP and DGH series can easily produce electrode circuit with fine line width using jnk jet technology compared with Photolithography and can be well applied to materials for high functional electrode of various electrical parts because of excellent conductivity of silver nanoparticles. Silverjet DGP and DGH series are developed for low and high sintering temperature according to their purpose and showed excellent jetting property having compatibility with most of major commercial inkjet heads (Dimatix, Konica-Minolta, SEMCO) for a long time
TEM image of Silver ink/Silver ink Patterning image

Product Specification

Properties Product Categories
Solid Content(%) 30 ~ 35 50 ~ 60
Viscosity(cPs) 10~17 (adjustable) 7~16
Surface Tension 35~38 (adjustable) 27~30
Solvent TGME(Triethylene glycol monoethyl ether) Tetradecane
Washing Solvents Polar Solvents:Ethyl Alcohol, IPA etc. Non-Polar Solvents:Xylene, Hexane, Octane etc.
Curing Temp.(℃) 120~150 180~200 400~550 250 400~550
Specific Resistvity(μΩ*㎝) 11~12 5~9 2~3 2.4~3.0 2.0~2.5
Substrate Plastic films ITO Glass
Bare Glass
ITO Glass
Bare Glass
Polymide film ITO Glass
Bare Glass

* Alcohol, Water also usable as dispersion solvent upon customer's request.
* Viscosity and surface tension can be modified upon customer's request.

Provide the modification service of Ag ink & paste upon customer’s request by adjusting key characteristics such as adhesiveness, conductivity, etc.

Products Description
DGP SE Improve the water resistance and adhesiveness of DGP 40LT-15C without changing any other properties
DGP HR Improve the DGP-40LT ink to prevent the ink spreadability for a direct printing to the substrate such as PET, PI film, and ITO glass without pretreatment
DGP HRA Improve the water resistance and adhesiveness of DGP HR without changing any other properties
DGW Dispersed in water of silver nano particle
DGP AP Dispersed in polar solvent (Alcohol, IPA, etc.) of silver nano particle

Product Characteristics

  • Excellent ink stability for long term storage.
  • Excellent conductivity as low as bulk silver.
  • High solid % ink with superior jetting performance.
  • Approved jetting performance by most of major inkjet head makers (Dimatix, Xaar, Konica-Minolta Head)
  • Good adhesion to plastic and glass substrates.
  • Wide range of curing temperatures (120˚C - 600˚C).
  • Direct printing of fine patterning with low production cost.

Product Application

  • PDP address and bus electrode
  • Touch screen
  • OLED
  • RFID
  • Flexible display electrode, etc.