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Advanced nano Products

successfully completed the commercialization of the nano-sized material products utilizing its own state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture of metal & metal oxide, ultra fine powders, sol, paste and coating solution.

Coer Technology

Nano materials

High Quality Products due to

  • Ultra fine nano powder from highlg pure raw material
  • Excellent dispersions with high concentrate & high uniformity
  • Wide & Deep experience in Nanotechnology for many years
Process  of Nanotechnology by Control of ANP

Product Category

Industry ITEM Products
Materials for Display TCO Layer in Display, LED chip, High-Refractive Index ITO, IGZO sputtering Target, ITO Tablet, ZrO2 & TiO2
Materials for Solar Cell ThinFilm Solar Cell, Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell ITO, ZnO sputtering Target, Silver Paste, TiO2
Materials for Semi-Conductor CMP Slurry CeO2 Slurry
Materials for Functional material IR Cut Film, TCO Product, Ag Paste TRB Paste, ATO&ITO, Silver Paste
Materials for Printed Electronics Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Inkjet Printing, Silver Paste, Silver Paste(Offset), Silverjet Ink