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Ag Paste for LED Heat-Dissipation

Product description

  • High thermal conductive Ag paste can be used to dissipate the heat away from the LED chip through thermal radiation of heat sink

Product Specification

3.1 grade 3.9 grade
Volume Resistivity 0.000348 0.00024
Thermal Conductivity 3.1 W/mk 3.9 W/mk
Die Shear Strength
(Sapphire to Cu L/F)
RT (1.14mmx1.14mmx0.15mm)
1.9Kg 1.82Kg
Thioxotropic Index 4.6 5.4
Curing condition 190℃ (30min) or 175℃ (1hr) 190℃ (30min) or 175℃ (1hr)
Shelf life (22℃) More than 1month More than 1month

Product Application

  • High intensity on LED lighting system
  • Densely-packed semiconductor device
  • IC & LSI device
  • Heat-wire in automobile