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박막태양전지 소재 실리콘태양전지 소재

Material for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

Product Introduction

  • Silver Paste, CPVW series is developed to produce high resolution front electrode of crystalline solar cell by screen printing method. High efficient solar cell can be well fabricated by reducing the loss of electrical energy produced in the cell under sun light through printed electrode which has superior penetrating property of anti reflection layer (SiN) by firing process and low contact resistance by excellent bonding with N layer uniformly.
  • When sun light beam on the cell of solar battery, separation of electron and hole occur in the point of PN bonding and separated electrons move to the storage battery through electrode and are accumulated

Product Specification

Properties CPVW Series Remark
Solid Contents 88~90 wt% Adjustable
Viscosity @25℃ 14~22 Pa.s Adjustable
Sheet Resisitivity 4 ~ 5 mΩ/□ High Conductivity
Printing 325 Mesh or ER 290 Mesh Metallic screen Good Printability & High Resolution
Drying Range 200~300℃ within 30 ~ 60sec
Peak Temp. 720 ~ 760℃ Good ohmic contact & High Efficiency
※ Cell Efficiency is dependent on Firing Temp. & Belt speed.

Product Application

  • Front electrode of crystalline solar cell