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TCO layer in Display E-Beam & Ion plating High-Refractive Index LED chip

E-beam & Ion plating

Product Introduction

  • ITO is used to the transparent electrode in order to increase the efficiency of LED light

Product Specification

ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) タブレット
  • CO Material composed of In2O3/SnO2
    • Composition: 95wt% In2O3 + 5wt% SnO2
    • Actual Density: 4.0~7.1g/㎤
    • Purity: Above 99.99%
    • Size; Ø38X40T, Ø30X40T, Ø25X15T, Ø20, Ø15, Ø10

Product Application

  • OLED, Touch Panel, Flexible Display, LED Wafer Chip