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Greetings from ANP CEO

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Creating a value and
Challenging for Next Technology

Since founded in 2000, Advanced Nano Products has been provided the solution to customers for superior and differentiated technology in their product with ANP's fine nano particle and colloidal of nano metal oxide product. It can be applicable to the various area of display, solar cell, semi-conductor and special optical film to advanced companies in the world. Our core technology can be differentiate from the world-wide competitors' technology & products.

With our high-end of nano technology, we can be a leader of the next-generation technology by collaborating with our world-wide customers. In order to accomplish, ANP will focus on the R&D area for the development of next generation technology that will be the environment-friendly & human-oriented technology.

Under the uncertain business environment, ANP will focus on the challenge and growth of our products applying to the area of new renewable energy and large-size display touch based with flexibility and it seems to be endless.

ANP never forgets the most valuable thing is that human's dream be comes true and we always stand with yours and believe that trust is only from open. fair and enthic management.

We ask for your continued belief and trust in Advanced Nano Products' bright future

ANP Corporation President 'Changwoo Park'